Arts Dune

Sand dunes are one of the marvels that Mother Nature made for us. These outstanding sand masses are scattered across the globe in varying weather conditions. Most people actually think that they can be found only in deserts but truth is, you can seen them in virtually any terrain on Earth.

Every sand dune is unique and made by the combination of wind with soil in form of grains of sand.

For those who are seeking adventure, they can explore sand dunes in various ways whether it is hopping aboard on buggy for roller coaster-like ride, bird watching in wetlands, sliding down with a board, sand boarding, sledding or skiing on the slopes.

Following are few of the most amazing places where you can have an unforgettable sand dunes experience.

Cerro Medanoso

This is the 2nd highest dune and it lies on one of the most deserted areas on earth, Chile. Its average height stands at 550 meters and this dune will never fail to amuse you and everyone else.

Great Sand Dune National Park

This famous park is situated in Southern Colorado and changing in shape constantly. The dune grows vertically and is currently at 750 feet as of this writing.