8 Things That Make You Go Back To New York City

Times Square New York


New York, is the city where people live for 24 hours and where everything is possible! Travel websites even listed some of the great things you can do in Manhattan. The American top destination is not only a favorite among our holidaymakers but also among employees. Why? Check out these 8 reasons.

1. You can – literally – enjoy 24 hours a day!

If you can literally live 24 hours a day, it’s in New York. Where you hop from one attraction to another during the day, it’s party time in the evening! Times Square in the evenings is magical. Did you know that it is lighter here in the evening than during the day? Welcome neon signs!

With thousands of restaurants, you can really eat anywhere, anytime. And then also exactly what you want. Drinking too, by the way. Did you know that in New York alone you will find more than 250 Starbucks stores? And that Chinatown is the place to be if you like noodles?

The city then houses endless hip clubs with different music styles and if you prefer to take it easy, you will find a wide range of theaters around Broadway. And let’s not forget the cocktail bars. Many cocktails were invented in New York for a reason!

In short: there is something for everyone to spend the day, evening, and night. And then you immediately understand why New York is also called The city that never sleeps…

2. Nowhere can you shop as well as in New York

If you can wave your credit card well in one city, it’s New York. After all, the American city is not called The Fashion Capital of the World for nothing!

The most famous shopping street is Fifth Avenue, a kind of Kalverstraat of Amsterdam, but just a bit more expensive. Between 49th Street and 60th Street in particular, you’ll find high-end shops with price tags that will make you almost faint. The well-known department stores Bergdorf Goodman and Saks can also be found on Fifth Avenue.

3. Museum lovers can indulge themselves

Guggenheim, MoMa, 9/11 Memorial Museum, the American Museum of Natural History, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Madame Tussauds; are just a few of the many famous museums you will find in New York. Not to mention the undiscovered gems…

4. Central Park is the most beautiful place to relax

No matter how many city parks you’ve been to during city breaks, we promise you that Central Park will end up high on your favorites list. While you are enjoying the sun on a bench or starting the day with a run, the squirrels pass you by.

The park, with an area of 341 hectares, houses an immense number of benches and hiking trails, including a large lake, playground, zoo, and old-fashioned carousel. Plenty of fun!


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5. You discover new things over and over again

If you’re going to New York for the first time, the Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building, Fifth Avenue, the Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Central Terminal, Chinatown, Central Park, and Times Square are undoubtedly on your list.

That does not mean that if you go again (and again and again), there is nothing to see. On the contrary. The city has a huge surface area and great (less well-known) neighborhoods. No matter how many times you go, you will discover something new every time!

6. You can do a huge number of them for free

Admire the Statue of Liberty for free, dive into museums for free, feast your eyes on Grand Central Terminal without having to buy a train ticket, discover an old railroad, people-watch in Times Square; even without a large saving account you can do enough in New York.

7. Nowhere else will you find such a beautiful skyline

It’s breathtaking, the New York skyline. Small chance that you will claim that you have found a nicer one elsewhere on earth! You can also admire the skyline perfectly from one of the ferries over the Hudson, the Brooklyn Bridge, or Brooklyn Bridge Park. You also have a nice view from The Empire State Building and The Top of The Rock.

8. You’ll find hotels to fall in love with

Ai, ai, ai… The hardest thing about a city trip to New York is still finding the ideal hotel. Not only because you may have a limited budget, but also because there is a wide choice. And then there are also hotels with high wow content, for which you would like to save for a while.