Best travel tips from long-term globetrotters

Traveling is fun but these valuable tips can make your next travel a perfect one.

Be patient

Don’t get upset about things that you can’t control anyway. Missed the bus? Another will come. Always take a deep breath. Realize it could have been worse.

Get up early

Get up at sunrise and see the sights before the others arrive. Your photos will also be most beautiful in the morning light, and the likelihood that you will come into contact with locals.

Laugh at yourself

Sometimes you look like the last fool in a foreign country because you don’t know how to behave there. Don’t worry and don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself. Don’t take life so seriously.

Never without cash

Money is often helpful in an emergency. If you lose your wallet, the ATM is empty or your debit card does not work, you will be happy about cash. Hide a larger sum in different places, in the stocking, in the toiletry bag, or sewn into the backpack.

Get in touch with locals

Make contact with locals every now and then, because you learn more from people than from the most exciting sights. And it is they who first let you develop a relationship with a foreign country. You can know the latest celebrity news for today even if you are in a foreign country.

Take a cloth with you

A sarong or pareo is one of the most useful travel accessories of all: a cotton cloth can serve as sun protection, a towel, or a pad. Or to wrap something in it or to carry around.

Smile and say hello

Do you find it difficult to get in touch with locals? Do you find people unfriendly? Maybe it’s your body language. Try to make eye contact and smile when you walk past someone. When the other one smiles back, say hello. That almost always works as a door opener.

Do not be afraid

The world is not half as dangerous as the media lead us to believe. Stay vigilant, but never let the fear grow too great. Use common sense and you’ll be fine. Most people are kind, trustworthy, generous, and helpful.

Take notes

Because you can’t remember everything about your travel, it’s great to be able to refer to notes later so as not to lose valuable memories.