Hidden Cams In Airbnb Properties – How To Be Proactive

If you read the best spy camera article, you would discover that there are a lot of spy or surveillance cameras available in the market that comes in different styles and features. However, because of the availability and affordability of such equipment, there are individuals who purchase and make use of these spy cameras for illegal and undesirable intents.

Many travelers and vacationers are discovering spy or hidden cameras in rental properties. A family vacationing in Greece, in one instance, discovered one hidden camera in each room in a villa they have rented, which includes the bathroom. They found eight hidden cameras in total. Another instance was when a couple from California discovered a spy camera above their bed masked as a smoke detector.

Hidden Cams In Airbnb Properties

Of the 2,000 Americans who have stayed in an Airbnb participated in a survey, 58% said they are worried about hidden cameras in an Airbnb. In fact, 11% said they have found at least one hidden camera in the property they have booked on Airbnb.

Although the policy of Airbnb clearly prohibits hidden cameras, a number of Airbnb hosts don’t conform to the rules of the company. Hence, it is wise to be proactive or to take the initiative to inspect the property for hidden cams. Below are a few ways to catch sight of hidden cams in Airbnb properties and to protect your privacy:

Carefully Read the Description and Prudently Examine the Photos of the Property

Owners of Airbnb properties are permitted to have surveillance cams outside the property, and have to tell their clients about it beforehand. Cameras indoors, especially in private areas such as the bathroom and bedroom aren’t permitted even though the owner tells clients about it.

Be Familiar with the Different Spy Cams Available Today

These days, spy cameras are so tiny that they could be concealed just about anywhere. The tiniest spy cams are termed pinhole cams since the cam is as small as a pinhole. Majority of spy cams today are wireless making them uncomplicated to install or mount anywhere.

Ask the Host of the Property if there are Hidden Cams and Search the Property upon Check-in

When you meet the Airbnb host personally, ask them directly if there are hidden cams within the property. This approach works rather well as it’s more difficult to lie to a person when talking to them in person. Several would admit whereas others may not, however you would be able to know if they are lying since they will likely appear uncomfortable or shifty.

As soon as you check-in, inspect the area right away. Check if there are things or electronics that seem unbefitting or out of place. Make use of a flashlight on every surface to expose reflective cam lenses. Look into air vents, unplug unusual electronics or reposition any item or object that looks unusual.