How Car Passengers Protect Their Skin From The Heat Of The Sun

Too much sun in the automobile may harm the skin as well as heat up and dazzle the inside. What can drivers do to keep themselves and other passengers safe? And what do you need to think about? The dangers connected with sun rays are largely caused by UV-A radiation, according to the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS). Premature aging and skin cancer are possible outcomes. “While the car’s front windows fully protect against UV-A and UV-B radiation, the side windows enable UV-A radiation to get through more or less well,” explains Cornelia Baldermann, a BfS UV expert.

The back seat becomes a tanning bed

According to Baldermann, children in the back seat in particular are threatened with skin damage from UV-A radiation, as their skin is sensitive. In summer, UV protection should therefore also be used in the car on long car journeys on sunny days. There are various sun protection shades for the door on the market.

Cheap covers do not provide complete protection

According to Vincenzo Lucà from Tüv Süd, sun protection shades are the “cheapest and easiest solution”. However, they only cover part of the disc. One should not expect more than a “certain shadowing” from cheap apertures. You should make sure that they are firmly seated and that the panels do not have any sharp edges. The window can also no longer be opened without removing the cover. Panel systems specially adapted to vehicle types promise more success.

Close the curtains and close the blinds

Sun protection blinds or curtains may be fitted easily or you can contact the curtain makers to make your personal curtains. They rapidly clear the view while the sun remains behind the clouds since they can be pushed in and out. This allows them to be used in a variety of situations, even while driving. “If the kids want to see outdoors, they can,” Lucà explains. According to ADAC spokesperson Johannes Boos, pieces of both blinds and drapes may rattle when driving. Important: The systems must not interfere with curtain airbags, which are frequently inserted via the windows. Boos cautions against buying low-cost items on the internet.

It was wrapped around it

Coatings are applied to the window glass or door frame to completely cover it. As a result, they provide adequate sun protection. Some of the windows may be opened while on the go, and the coverings function as bug protection as well. They can only be removed when the automobile is parked again.

Slides are effective, but they are expensive

Sun protection or UV coatings, according to Lucà, are the “most complicated, most effective, but also the most expensive option.” It is best to leave the application to a professional. Typically, this amounts to several hundred euros. This is when UV protection and thermal insulation come in handy. The black foils, on the other hand, remain permanently on the windows, limiting the overall view, particularly at dusk or in the dark.

It’s not too dark

When it comes to darkening or covering automobile windows, there are several basic legal considerations to keep in mind. “Panes constructed of safety glass, which are crucial for the driver’s perspective, must be clear, transparent, and free of distortion,” it states in the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO).