How to Use Twitter When Traveling

Twitter, one of the most widely used social media platforms is beneficial among travelers. Whether you are doing travel for business or personal, you can generate a network of people who also love to travel. Aside from people, you can also attract travel companies and businesses. With the help of twitter, you will have access to some important travel questions. Moreover, you can get discounts and deals on airfare and hotels.

Some people also use twitter to tweet or publish valuable content that will attract more followers. In some cases, they also buy twitter followers to make them look more credible, giving confidence and trust to twitter users.

To use twitter for travelling, follow these steps:


Register for a Twitter account. You only have to generate a username and password and make an email address. After that, you can upload a photo. Make sure to put something in your bio. This should be about how you love to travel.


Next use Twitter search to search for related tweets. This may come from other twitter users that are fond of traveling. Input “travel” in the search box and follow users who you find interesting. You can also try looking for the name of the place you plan to go to.


Utilize the “Find People” feature at the top of your home page to search for travel companies and industry experts. Look for words like “US Airlines,” “Budget Trip” or “Cheap Accommodations.”


Monitor your Twitter account plenty of times every day, especially if you are searching for travel details or travel discounts. Follow the links other twitter users post for additional details and ask questions about places if you need help.


Register for a program that permits you to use Twitter even when you are not close to your computer. For instance, there is application that lets you use Twitter on an iPod touch, and TwitterBerry lets you enjoy  Twitter when using a blackberry phone.


Use Twitter when you are traveling with friends, family, or co-workers. Ask your followers a question such as “Any perfect places to eat near ______ in New York?”. This will permit you to gather information about famous local restaurants and other famous places while you are on a trip.