Important Things to Bring When Packing for your Next Adventure

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Travelling is one of every person’s dream. We save money just to go to our favorite destinations, we patiently wait for seat sale just to be able to travel the world. When planning for an adventure, it excites us of course, but there is one thing that some people are not interested with, and that is packing things on luggage. While some find this kind of exhausting or boring, this is actually a very important part of preparation for our weekend getaway. We must ensure that all of our valuables and necessities that can be found in are included in our luggage. To make things easier, we have provided packing tips for you not to worry anymore.

2. Don’t forget the first aid kit

We’re not asking you to prepare for ER, just a small bag with the most necessary pills and medicine you might need. After all, nobody wants to suffer a punishing headache, high-climate fever, upset stomach or all three during a holiday. It might be easy enough to pick up a domestic remedy for your ailments at home, but medicines in the country you are visiting may be limited to prescription only. The same goes for allergy meds and asthma remedies – bring them on board!

3. Limit your liquids

We all know about it by now, and yet there’s still a mass confusion and hold-up when some chancer tries to sneak a bottle of water past airport security. Much to everybody’s chagrin, pan-European baggage restrictions state that all liquids carried in hand luggage must be no more than 100 ml per item, and must fit into one small and resealable transparent bag (usually available at the airport for a nominal fee). If you’re carrying anything larger, stow it with your checked-in suitcase.

4. Name tags are there to help

Unless you’re an international man of mystery, you shouldn’t have to worry about travelling incognito. Most suitcases come with name tags fitted as standard, so be sure to fill them in just in case you – or the airline – lose your luggage!

These are just some tips to help you with packing. It is up to you if you will use this or not, just make sure that you got all you need before stepping out of your house.