Interesting Places to Visit When in Florida

Florida is popular for its splendid white sand beaches.

It’s also proud of its perfect climate, amusement parks and exciting nightlife. The state has a lot more to offer aside from the typical fun you experience when visiting. When in the area be sure to visit these beautiful landscapes or you’ll miss all the fun and excitement. In need of landscaping services in Florida? Please visit:
Sanibel Island
Trying to escape the crowded beaches of Florida? Sanibel Island is the perfect place. Put this in your travel itinerary. The isle is rich in natural beauty and clean white sand beaches. Not the typical Florida, there is no high buildings or crowded fast foods. Instead you’ll see beautiful landscapes full of tall palm trees with a long bike path built for all who visit. Enjoy collecting different kinds of seashells found in its shoreline. You can also check out their National Wildlife refuge to have a peek of the island’s wild animals. When feeling adventurous take a boat ride to the clear waters off Tarpon Bay.

Best Places to Visit in Florida

Ichetucknee Springs State Park
Located at Fort White Florida., the park is a display of mother nature’s beauty. Its popular swimming hole showcases a perfect work of natural art. It’s cradled in a vast limestone formation. Enjoy its blue waters from its natural spring. When in the area go tubing, canoeing and hiking to experience all the fun.
Molasses Reef
It’s in the southeast of Key Largo. The Molasses reef is an abode to lush and splendid assemblage of reefs in the entire state. Scuba diving is the perfect activity to see the life underneath its clear waters.
Fort Walton Beach
Situated between Pensacola and Panama City. It’s a serene and family friendly beach. The family can enjoy its spectacular white sand beaches with its blue-green water. Escaping the typical crowded beaches of downtown Florida.
Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary
This Sanctuary’s located north of Naples Florida. The sanctuary is home to the few remaining bald cypress and pond cypress in North America. It features a 3 kilometer boardwalk to experience the beauty of the sanctuary. The park also serves as a breeding area for some birds, alligators and the cotton mouth snakes.
Naples Beach and Pier
Located in the city of Naples. Experience the historic architecture seen in this area. Visitors can go fishing, watching the beautiful sunset and bird watching. If you’ll be lucky enough spotting cute dolphins is popular at this destination.
Mount Dora
It’s a spectacular city located near Orlando. The city showcases antique shops and boutique. The not so busy life in this city has festivals that tourists cay enjoy. The city also protects its historical architecture. The Yellow Donnelly House and the historical Lake Side Inn are one of them.
Crystal River
It’s a National Wildlife refuge where you can see and watch strong and healthy Manatees. Manatees are gentle but they are already endangered.
Falling Waters State Park
It’s located North of Florida. Its park is full of tall trees and deep sinkholes. To reach Florida’s highest waterfall one must take the boardwalk Sink Hole Trail. The famous water fall settles 73 ft into the bottom. Visit the butterfly sanctuary, see  beautiful and unique butterflies of all kinds.