Some of the Best Swimming Holidays Around the World

Polynesia, French Polynesia, Tahiti, South Sea, Island

It is no doubt that swimming is a sport loved by a lot of people because of its therapeutic effect. No wonder why many parents are considering swimming lessons for kids because this type of sport will help kids to stay disciplined and practice balance.

Good news to people who like to travel and swim at the same time, there are a lot of beautiful places around the world where you can visit while enjoying swimming at the same time. Whether it is wild swimming in lakes and fjords, a sea ‘safari’ in Crete, or a 6km swim in warm waters of Mexico’s Baja peninsula, this selection of swims is a genius idea.

Weekend swim trip in Lago d’Orta, Italy

This is a very great place to stay if you are looking for a quick weekend getaway. The motto of this weekend break is “good food, beautiful surroundings and glorious, relaxed swimming”. It sounds a perfect mix. The swimming aspect comes with one-to-one coaching, video analysis, plus guides (and a safety boat) on hand

Swimming adventures in Oman fjords

This place is packed with glorious wilderness. It is located in the Persian Gulf, with dramatic red rock formations and dark blue waters, and has earned the nickname “the Norway of Arabia” This type of tour explores that great wilderness with its many sea inlets, where you are more likely to run into a dolphin than a fellow tourist.

Fjord and cove swimming, Montenegro

This is located in the Unesco-protected Gulf of Kotor, the clear waters of the Blue Grotto cave and Mamula island, known as the Montenegrin Alcatraz. There are also visits to picturesque towns found among the mountains on this week-long trip, which offers 4km of swimming a day and accommodation in a four-star hotel.

Glacial lake challenge, Annecy, France

Swimquest has a range of indulgent swimming holidays, including six days swimming around islets in Thailand and a swim tour around the coral reefs of the Maldives with a 32-metre yacht as a base. A bit more accessible, with perhaps a chance to meet more like-minded people, is its trip to Lake Annecy in France.