Travels for Businessmen: Benjamin Smith

Did you know that businessmen combine private activities when they travel for business? You can arrange a visit to a trade fair or a customer appointment with a meeting of friends or a city tour. Because those who have already made the journey for the business trip are happy to use the stay for themselves. Business people like benjamin smith can use business trips to do some private activities. This war, you will not only achieve the goals of your business trips but enjoy other fun activities as well.

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Almost three-quarters of business people depend on private vacation time: Benjamin Smith

According to a study, 72 percent of business travellers have already combined the useful with the pleasant and extended the trip for private stays. Those who are on the road more than three times a month often enjoy doing something privately. 80 percent of frequent travellers have already extended their business trips for private stays.

Benjamin Smith: Even bosses often combine business with private things when travelling

Eight out of ten managing directors combine business trips with short vacations. Employed specialists and executives, on the other hand, use the opportunity less. About two-thirds of them take the opportunity to extend their term. One in three of the business travellers surveyed has already postponed their return trip by a few hours as a precaution, for example, to meet up with friends.

Benjamin Smith: With the family on a business trip

21 percent take their partner or the whole family with them on business trips. Most business people add one or more overnight stays with their family during business trips. When travelling, travel to and from the airport is particularly stressful. Anyone who travels a lot for work would try to reduce these phases. More often, they take the opportunity to relax on-site after their work is done.

Benjamin Smith: Private vacation after the business meeting is paid for by yourself

Business people are happy to pay for additional hotel nights themselves. Of course, every second person also pays the additional costs for family or friends privately. However, only one in three business travellers is willing to pay a higher price for a later flight.