Would You take the Gamble to Travel in these Times of Pandemic?

Despite the fact that there are still countless restrictions in place, travel industry is beginning to bounce back gradually. People have been locked down and quarantined for months and are now itching to go out, see the world as it is today and help boost the economy. Some tourist attractions and restaurants are opening one by open for domestic and local travel and other countries are beginning to welcome international travelers too.

Is it Safe to Travel Now?

The question is, how you can explore the world safely, especially with the virus still affecting thousands of people. Would it be really possible to visit the national park while practicing social distancing, if you have gone for a road trip, can you use a public restroom when making stops? These are only some of the questions that left people wondered.

As a matter of fact, a poll made by Morning Consult and National Geographic found out that around 2% of over 2000 Americans said that they would board a plane even in today’s situation and the other 8% will consider to do it later in summer. That is smart with the travel advisories in place which include the US CDC warnings towards making international travels as well as cautions regarding travels within US and with several countries and states that are requiring 14 days of post-travel self isolation whether with symptoms or none.

New Business Norm is Set in Place

Travel planning is indeed bringing positive things for your mental health. Being able to know more about the perceived and real risks of covid19 can help to know what are the possible challenges ahead.

Airlines and airports are making their best efforts to minimize risks in their environment. Thus, a new norm has been insinuated like performing intensive cleaning in which planes are now fogged with electrostatic disinfectant that sticks to the plane’s surface. In fact, airports and other industries are using OutreachMonks link building agency to spread their message to their audience the actions they take during this pandemic that their market is safe doing business with them.