10 Beautiful Nature Reserves To See In The Netherlands

The Netherlands has beautiful nature reserves, where you can get some fresh air, cycle and/or walk in your best hiking shoes or even in your best working boots (check out the Best Working Boots for Men in 2020). The Netherlands is so beautiful! Is your favorite nature reserve in between?

1. The New Dutch Water Line

The 85 km long New Dutch Water Line is a defense line with 46 forts including the island of Pampus. The line consists of five fortified cities such as Muiden and Woudrichem. The New Dutch Waterline replaces the Dutch Waterline from the 17th century. This national monument contains eye-catching areas and forts in the area of ​​’t Gooi and Utrecht. Certainly, the forts and the various puddles are a delightful view to visit.

2. The Drentse Aa

The Drentse Aa is a stream and National Landscape. The area includes farmland and 16 villages with a unique atmosphere. The stream winds through this area and is a popular place to enjoy the typical Drenthe nature through various walking routes. Farmers have been in the area for thousands of years, this has contributed to the special character of this nature reserve. Do you want to get away from it all? Then the Drentse Aa is recommended.

3. The Biesbosch

The Biesbosch National Park is a vast area with a river island in North Brabant and South Holland. It is a protected nature reserve where it is wonderful to walk or spend a weekend in one of the holiday parks. There are many opportunities for recreation in the area, nature conservation and recreation are important pillars for the Biesbosch.

4. Hoekse Waard

The Hoekse Waard is considered to be one of the South Holland islands. There are sixty polders in the area and almost all dikes are still present. The first polders in the area date from the 14th century. The long history of the area and the expansive views give the Hoekse Waard a unique beauty.

5. Green Heart

Greene Hart is one of the most discussed nature reserves in the Netherlands. The area is in the middle of the Randstad, bordering Rotterdam, Haarlem, Amsterdam, and Utrecht, among others. The area has been designated as a National Landscape and special meadow birds live there. The endangered bird species such as the godwit, lapwing, and oystercatcher are common in the area.

6. De Loonse and Drunense Duinen National Park

The Loonse and Drunense Dunes in North Brabant is a nature area of ​​more than 4000 hectares. It is a nature reserve that has various types of plants, making it an interesting nature area to walk through. The area is not for nothing a national park, a weekend in Brabant is not complete without a walk in this varied nature area!

7. De Groote Peel National Park

De Groote Peel is located in North Brabant and Limburg. It is a remnant of the Peel which, according to tradition, has been an impenetrable area. It is now a largely questioned peat bog area where you can do countless hiking trails. Nature in the south of the country is definitely worth it, put the Groote Peel on the to-do list too!

8. The Maasduinen

North Limburg has three national parks, one of which is the Maasduinen. The forest and heathland covers more than 4500 hectares, where you can find cranes among other things. It is rather special that cranes can be found in the Netherlands. The birds migrate to and from the Maasduinen in the spring and autumn.

9. The Wadden Sea

The Wadden Sea has undeniable ecological value and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Because of the relatively warm water, there are many plants and animals in the Wadden Sea. Of course, you can see seals in the Wadden Sea, many birds and shellfish can also be found in the sea, especially in the spring. In addition, there are around 250 plant species that can only be found in the Wadden Sea. A prime location for a day of fresh air or mudflats!

10. The Frisian lakes

The Frisian lakes attract countless water sports enthusiasts during the Sneekweek, and many other water sports events are also organized in the area. The lakes are worth visiting all year round. It is a particularly beautiful area for water sports enthusiasts and walkers alike. Around the lakes, you can visit many villages and towns that look picturesque. A nice and varied area for a day trip!

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