Help Your Child Overcome Boredom During Long Travels

We like to take our family on a vacation. But vacation that requires long trips can really be boring especially for children who just can’t wait to get to the destination. With suitable apps, digital games and simple options, you can make the trip more exciting for your children – and time flies by in an instant.

How To Survive Long Flights

Educational entertainment with digital apps

Nowadays, children are introduced to digital media at an early age. You can use this to your advantage: There is a lot of suitable and educational digital content that can shorten a trip for the little ones. Apps for children are not to be equated with computer games in the narrower sense. In addition to well-known games such as “Angry Birds”, “The Sims”, and “Cut the Rope”. For your teens, you can always have them play with games like the Rise of Kingdoms (read more at here). There are also apps specially tailored for children that do not overstimulate the senses and even have an educational effect.

Digital picture books, tablet puzzles, and interactive guesswork

Digital hearing picture books for tablets are ideal for the little ones. The “Die Olchis” apps from Oetinger are particularly recommended. In funny stories with lovingly drawn pictures, an entire family of green mythical creatures experiences exciting adventures that delight small children again and again. The text is read out automatically, and mini-animations can be started in each image by touching it. For Android, there is, for example, the Olchi story “A kite festival for a fire chair”, for the iPad also “The Olchis from Schmuddelfing”.

The classic puzzle is also available for tablets: With the “Shape Builder” children can solve various picture puzzles. The aim is to place uniquely shaped parts on a template. Digital jigsaw puzzles are a useful activity, as the app trains shape perception and fine motor skills – especially on small screens.

Children can also pass the time with radio plays. The interactive stories of the famous three young detectives are particularly exciting. Children should guess and decide for themselves how the story about the three young detectives continues. The episodes are available through various streaming services and are also available for purchase. All episodes are suitable for children from 8 years of age.

If possible, older children should of course also be able to use the tablet according to their own preferences. In the Apple store and on Google Play, there are many classic games at a low price, such as doodle jump or quiz games, which are ideal for passing the time.

Note: Not every child can tolerate playing with a screen on long trips. An alternative should be chosen at the first sign of nausea. Guessing games, during which the child can see out of the window, are the best solution here.