Digital Marketing Beyond Advertising Your Vacation Home Rental in Listing Channels

Now that travel and tourism is gradually picking up, it’s just right to make your vacation home rental ready to accommodate guests taking holiday breaks. However, as your next important goal is to make the 2022 reservation calendar full, make this possible by way digital marketing. This type of marketing will let potential guests discover and find your home rental in digital places they visit frequently, like social media sites and at Google Search.

While your idea of digital marketing lies mainly in advertising your vacation home rental in listing websites like, Vrbo, and Airbnb, there’s more to digital marketing aside from this method. These websites or companies that display a broad range of vacation rentals owned by people like you who what to earn extra through your second home. However, bear in mind that you are competing with property managers whose line of work is to make real estate investment work profitably for their clients.

While it’s needless to say that the competition is stiff, what you need to do is to use other digital marketing approaches to your advantages; particularly those that work toward increasing your visibility the Internet. Giving your home rental property’s presence in the vacation rental listings and in different places that most vacationers visit,

Below are some examples of how to digitally market your vacation home rental:

Remarketing to Potential Customers

Remarketing refers to placing your rental advertisements, using the browser history of a specific vacation listing partner. Find out if several users looked into your home and then rollout your vacation home rental ads in different digital spaces. Aside from social media sites, consider including travel agency websites, travel gear online stores and similar sites often visited by vacationers.

Using Videos to Promote Your Vacation Home Rental

Online videos particularly those appearing in YouTube have been attracting the attention of most consumers looking for further clarifications of ideas, concepts, products and everything else they discovered. Market reports indicate that consumers spend an average of 100 minutes watching YouTube videos. Digital marketing experts agree that use of video as a tool for making creative content is largely effective. A good example of how to use video when publishing content is a house tour of your rental property, and if possible, use 3D or 360° tools to highlight your home;s attractive features.

Partnering with Influencers in Spreading Information about Your Vacation Home

Spread information about your rental property by publishing videos, blogs, reviews and interviews in different social media platforms. Collaborate with social media influencers, specially those with a huge number of followers at popular social media platforms like Facebook Live, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok and YouTube.

Partnering with a Professional Digital Marketer

Digital marketing can be very complex and confusing as knowhow in the use of SEO strategies plays a significant role in the success of promotional and marketing campaigns. It would be to your advantage to partner with a professional digital marketer to make sure your campaigns will attract the right groups of people that will rent your vacation home throughout the year.

Moreover, local SEO matters so you have to choose a digital marketer with proven expertise in geo-location targeting. Now more than ever, this has become important since domestic travel and tourism is currently the trend.