Music Streaming Services and Their Importance to Travellers

Planning for a long road trip includes creating a playlist of the best songs to jam along with to make the time spent traveling to one’s destination enjoyable. Aside from fun road trips, there are other ways music and travel combine in bringing out the best of situations. Fortunately, providers of music streaming services closely compete when enhancing not only the listening pleasure of their members but also their travel experience.

Head of Pandora’s Travel+Tourism Laura Fernandez shared insights from “The Panda Traveler Mindset,” a survey that aimed to better understand the confidence of people during their travels and on where they plan to travel. Ms. Fernandez said that the survey is also one way to find out the connection between music and travel. Travel + Tourism after all is the advertising business behind music streaming service providers Pandora, SoundCloud, Stitcher, and SiriusXM.

Popular vacation-destinations like Las Vegas, Austin, and Nashville make it a point to highlight music as a significant aspect of their respective tourism programs, as travelers from far and wide usually book trips around shows and concert hosted in their locations. In these kind of events, creating a playlists becomes a must-have because it sets the right mood when actually traveling on their way to their music-themed vacation.

What the “The Panda Traveler Mindset” Revealed on Why Music is Important for Travelers

According to Ms. Fernandez, the survey revealed that 77% of their clients’ listeners consider audio content, particularly music great travel companion because such elements improve their overall travel experience.

Listening to music happens not only while travelers are on their way to their concert or music festival destination. It actually begins during the planning stage, as vacation planners become more inspired when excitement builds up.

According to Fernandez, 66% of the listeners agree that music sets the vibe for the trip and it can have varying effects. The survey found out that 67% of the respondents use music to induce a calming effect, or as a stress/anxiety reliever. Listening to music alongside other activities such as walking, cooking and other chores also serves as a form of motivation to indulge in self-care, especially when visual media isn’t available.

The research study significantly shows that providers of free music streaming services play an important role for travelers. Streaming sites make searching and choosing compositions in all types of genre, from different artists and different themes when looking to create a playlist for their road trip.

However, the downside to free services is that you have to listen to the ads of sponsors who made the free access to music possible. Those who prefer to experience a smoother listening experience can opt to pay for premium membership.

The good news is that there’s another way to access free streaming services that do not include intrusive advertisement. The alternatives come in the form of apps that act as content streaming tools. However, it;s important to carefully choose a free streaming app that does not ask your permission to access your personal and other sensitive information.

One we found is the rokkr streaming app, where ads if any appear only as screenshots appearing at the bottom of the screen. Users who gave feedback in forum sites consider the rokkr app as safe to use as far as their device is concerned. Another plus factor is that it can be installed in laptops, PCs and smartphones whether supported by Android OS or iOS.