Making Travel Plans Based on Horoscope

Many who believe in astrology base their travel plans on what their horoscope says is the best place to be at a certain time, and possibly with the right person. Apparently, the lines under which a geographical location falls in the map can bring positive effects on a person. This makes travelling or being in a certain place in a certain period of one’s life, motivate a person to change for the better. Others are awakened by a feeling of inspiration to accomplish or pursue something.

Apparently, travelling or moving from one place to another releases energy that was already there, but was somehow ignored or repressed because of time or work constraints. That is why uplifting travel experiences make astrology believers even more fascinated with horoscopes and their predictions.

According to those that traveled to certain places through the guidance of their horoscope, the approach validates the importance of traveling to a place they feel connected. This allows them to recognize the need to transform or to uproot.

Travel experiences to the right place and in the right time can have transformative and healing effects if spent with the right companions. Otherwise, travel that does not inspire changes merely provides a reason to be away from home as some sort of intervention process.

What the Lunar Nodes for This Year Say About Travelling

This year’s astrology reports state that the lunar nodes are about to shift to north node in scorpio south node in taurus. That being the case, we also looked for information on what astrologers say are the best travel options for Scorpions based on what the future has in store for them.

Scorpions are regarded as passionate people but they are not one to rush into a relationship nor indulge in short-lived affairs. As space is important for Scorpions, they would prefer to travel with a romantic partner or if travelling with a friend, prefer to be with one who can book his or her own room.

  • Generally, the mathematical calculations presented as horoscope for Scorpions indicate that ideally, they should travel abroad in locations where they can mingle with foreigners; perhaps during the holding of popular local festivals.This is also a time for them to connect to the past by visiting ancient monuments. Apparently, there are signs that at this point in time, many Scorpions are seeking spiritual awakening. However, the south node in taurus indicates that there could be impediments to overseas travel, while state and interstate travels can be negatively affected by hectic schedules.

How Scorpion and Taurus Would Fare as Travel Partners

Directly opposite the Scorpio zodiac is Taurus, people even if known to be passionate like Scorpions, prefer to travel in style. They like indulging in luxury, preferably in an adult holiday package offered by a high-end hotel. A Taurean’s idea of travel means relaxing in a way that they don’t have to follow time schedules; or be reminded that there are kids back home with only babysitters looking after them. Obviously, Scorpions and Taurus travelers do not form the right combination as travel buddies.