Minecraft Survival Servers: For Players Who Enjoy The Survival Mode Gameplay – Quickest Ways To Travel In Minecraft

Developed by Mojang Studios, a Stockholm-based video game developer, Minecraft has become an unstoppable title in the video game industry. Notably, the video game has crossed a monthly active users of 131 million in 2020, making the game a juggernaut. In addition to this, despite the video game being 10 years old as it was released in November 2011, it is also one of the top-selling video games of all time and still often gets a really high spot in terms of viewership leaderboards on YouTube and Twitch. Generally, it is evident that almost everyone, both children and adults, love Minecraft.

Minecraft Survival Servers For Players Who Enjoy The Challenges of Survival Mode Gameplays

There are two major gameplay modes in Minecraft – Creative and Survival. In Creative gameplay, players are able to craft and build to their heart’s content as they can have all the building blocks that they need. Players also don’t need to be troubled or interrupted by lurking and attacking mobs. In this mode, your imagination and creativity is limitless.

On the other hand, in Minecraft’s Survival mode, the objective is to outlast and outlive the wilderness and challenges of the game. Unlike in Creative mode, players need to amass all the necessary resources in order to craft weapons and tools, construct shelter, as well as look for food. Mobs will also give you trouble in Survival mode as they will be hostile towards you, steal the resources you’ve gathered, or even try to kill you. Yes, your player could receive damages and die in this mode, So, it’s all up to you on how to survive.

While the gameplay seems difficult, a lot of players actually enjoy the challenges that Survival mode has in store for its players. Today, Minecraft Survival Servers are made available to players who have a thing for survival gameplays.  Basically, Minecraft Survival Servers are game servers that are quite identical to the default mode of Minecraft wherein players need to live through all the challenges of the game. While some survival servers stay true to the default mode, some gameplays are modified or altered where shops, custom features, as well as in-game economy are added.

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Quickest Ways To Travel In Minecraft

Apart from crafting and building, Minecraft is also a game wherein players can explore the virtual landscape. If you are aware of Minecraft, then you would know how vast the virtual worlds are in the game, almost endless. Because of this, it could be tiresome as well as exasperating to travel long distances in order to explore and go places. Travelling on foot is a given, however there are some alternatives in order to travel in Minecraft much quicker. Below are some:

  • HORSES. For terrains that hasn’t been built on, horses can make your short-distance travels faster. Not only are they fast, but are also reliable as well as easy to maneuver.
  • ELYTRA WINGS. In survival servers, the elytra wings are probably the most exciting way to travel as you could fly around. Just make sure you have plenty of fireworks.
  • DOLPHIN’S GRACE. In water, boats are used to travel across. However, if you opt to swim, finding a dolphin to swim along with you would give the status Dolphin’s Grace which allows you to glide on water much faster than using a boat.
  • NETHER TRAVEL. When travelling long distances in the overworld, consider the nether travel where portals are used to enter as well as leave the nether, decreasing travel time.
  • ICE ROADS. Boats on water are fast, but are even faster when on ice. However, you first have to build these ice roads yourself, which is a downside. But then again, if you are able to build them, you could move up to 70bps (blocks per second). Make use of blue ice to make it more slippery for even faster travel.
  • ENDER PEARLS. Throwing ender pearls will teleport you the location it lands on. This makes them an extremely useful means for travelling long distances. However, every time you use it, you receive a 5-point damage to your health bar.