Camping Rules during Corona Crisis


We are all happy with the new beginnings of the tourism industry. In order to enjoy the opening, in the long run, knowing road safety when traveling and also the following camp rules must be observed when visiting campsites and parking lots during the Corona crisis.

Campground and Parking Hygiene Regulations

Hygiene Regulations have become an integral part of our daily lives and their application is not surprising during the holidays. Therefore, you must comply with the following rules:
– Keep at least 1.5 meters away from other visitors to Square.
– If this distance is not possible due to local conditions, you will need to wear a face mask.
– Wash your hands with soap and water as often as possible in the car or, if possible, in the bathroom for 20 seconds.
– Disinfectants should be available for voluntary use. Even if the place tries to provide a donor, make sure you bring enough supplies.
– Do not shake hands, even if you feel rude on arrival.
– As usual, cough and sneeze on the bent sneezes of your arms and handkerchiefs.

In the event of symptoms, contact with other guests should be interrupted immediately and the holiday should be interrupted. Even if it is difficult, the virus cannot spread.

Make a reservation in advance instead of going to the campsite voluntarily

Going voluntarily to the campsite or parking lot because the capacity of the campsite or parking lot cannot be fully utilized due to the current situation and planning is very important. You can no longer approach. Book your location in advance and be clear about what to consider on arrival.

Find out about onsite infrastructure before your stay.

Before you start your journey, it’s important to be clear about what your onsite infrastructure will look like. Is there a store in the square? How about a restaurant? Depending on the offer, it makes sense to make a large purchase for the vacation. You also need to check how open the sanitary facility is to take appropriate precautions.


Investigate before arrival and follow the camp rules of the Corona Crisis

In addition to the above rules, campgrounds, and parking lots set their own rules in the form of hygiene concepts that legislators demand from you. It is advisable to ask the operator about specific hygiene rules prior to arrival. Regarding the cleanliness of the area, operators should also maintain the surroundings free from dirt or remove fallen leaves using a leaf vacuum – see, or blower to polish the grounds. However, you will be notified of the applicable safeguards by the time you arrive. We recommend that you comply with the rules for your protection, the protection of your fellow travelers, and the protection of other guests.