What to Do If Your Computer Breaks While Traveling

Working on a laptop while camping


Breaking your computer while traveling is usually a large hassle, but exactly how big of controversy it’s depends on where within the world you happen to be.

In larger towns and cities, you’ll be able to get the picture fixed or buy a brand new one at an inexpensive cost. In additional distant places, however, you frequently won’t be ready to do anything until you travel elsewhere.

There’s no simple fix for managing a broken computer. Every scenario is different counting on what’s broken, the pc model, and your location. That being said, we’ve outlined the steps to require should the worst happen, still as some measures to assist prevent the matter within the first place.

Know the Make and Model

What can make a world of difference when you’re troubleshooting a problem, like a Windows issue such as the missing api-ms-win-crt-heap-l1-1-0.dll error, is knowing your computer’s exact make and model. If you’re calling or messaging a computer shop, providing these details will help them determine if and the way they will assist.

This information can be shown on a sticker on the underside of your laptop, but saving it elsewhere may be a good idea. You’ll be told too late that the sticker has worn off over time, or that the main points were never there to start with.

To Google relevant information about your specific laptop, you can also use the make and model. Apple makes its laptops very difficult to repair outside a politician repair center, but there are YouTube videos for other models that may facilitate your fix an issue by yourself. Online forums often have reports from others who have had similar issues.

Getting Your Laptop Repaired on the Road

Depending on where you’re, there could also be a store that may help. Check online reviews thoroughly (if they exist) to confirm it’s an area you’ll trust. Especially in developing countries, the shop may look different from what you’re accustomed to, but that doesn’t mean it can’t get the task done.

Always ask questions on costs and repair times upfront before surrendering your laptop. What quantity will it cost if they will fix it? Will it cost anything if they’re unsuccessful? Will you lose any of your data within the process? How long will it take, especially if they have to order parts?

At the very least, they’ll be ready to retrieve the Winchester drive from inside your laptop. If the drive isn’t encrypted, you’ll put it in a very cheap USB enclosure and connect it to a special computer to grab your files. It’s much easier to hold around than a dead computer.

Buying a brand new Computer

Sadly, there’s no ideal option for getting a brand new computer while traveling. It’s often a confusing, expensive, and difficult process, and reckoning on where you’re, it’s going to not be an option in the least. Many places within the world won’t have the tech you’re accustomed to, usable warranties, or options that fit within an affordable budget.


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Preventative Measures

When it involves laptops, the most effective offense could be a good defense. Do everything you’ll be able to to require care of your laptop when you’re abroad, because it’s plenty easier than replacing it!

Below we’ve outlined some advice that may help keep your laptop and your files safe and healthy wherever your journey takes you.

Back Everything Up, Always

Please, please, copy your files on an everyday basis. If you haven’t already, founded an automatic backup within the cloud with one in every of the numerous low-cost services out there. For some bucks a month, you’ll be able to ensure all of your data is safe and sound within the cloud should anything happen to your computer.

Know Your Warranty and Insurance

If your laptop remains covered by a factory or store warranty, it’s a decent idea to test if that coverage spans across different countries. Your laptop might not be covered if it breaks outside of the country or region it had been purchased.

Invest in a very Good Laptop Case

Travel with a reliable and effective laptop case to stop damage in transit. A skinny silicone sleeve is healthier than nothing, but not by much. Instead, rummage around for a case with many padding on all sides, seams, and corners.

Keep Liquids and Foods Away

We all mate. From drinking a cup of coffee (or a margarita) while you’re employed to munching on crunchy snacks as you watch Netflix, your laptop is often at risk when food or drinks are nearby.

Avoid Pressure

Even a comparatively touch of weight on the highest of a laptop can damage the screen or internals. Don’t put heavy items on your laptop, and when it’s packed away, attempt to ensure other bags and packages don’t find yourself on top of it.

Avoid High-Temperature Changes

Digital nomads, this one is especially for you. Your computer doesn’t like high temperature changes. While it may look glamorous on Instagram, it could damage your computer when working in direct sunlight on the beach or at a poolside bar.