Tips When Bringing Your Computer On Your Camping Trips

Taking a laptop and other electronic devices like Alpha Printers for coding & marking on a camping trip can present some challenges: how can you keep it from being damaged or stolen? Here are some suggestions for keeping your laptop and data secure.

My laptop vanished off the front of my motorcycle while I was riding up a gravel route on the Thai island of Koh Tao. I stood there watching it ricochet back the way I’d gone, leaping down the hill and crashing into every large rock it could find before coming to a halt. It’s not going to be a nice day.

After learning my hard lesson, here’s how I now take care of my computer when I’m on road. So far, following the steps below has allowed me to prevent damaging or losing stuff, as well as save all of my photographs and articles from the road, which is the most important thing.

1) If you can’t bear the thought of losing your laptop, don’t bring it with you.

Whenever you’re traveling, the greatest threat to your laptop is you. It’s possible that your laptop may be stolen, but during a lengthy journey, it’s far more probable that you will break or misplace it yourself. As a result, it’s far preferable to bring a computer with you that you don’t mind losing or damaging.

2) Back up all of your files to a USB usb key.

Even though I keep my deviceĀ in a high-end backpack, it isn’t the most essential item in my life. To me, the information on it is the most significant part. It makes perfect sense to save all of the data you create while traveling on a USB memory stick rather than the laptop’s hard drive, so that the data is not gone if the laptop is damaged or lost.

3) Keep Your Equipment Clean

Even if you lost your laptop while traveling, it’s highly improbable somebody would use the information on it – but why take the risk? It’s critical to ensure that sensitive information like bank account numbers, particularly online banking information, is not stored on a portable computer.