Useful Tips For Planning Your Surf Travel

Traveling with a surfboard and a surf holiday has some pitfalls. However, it also gives the trip a special “twist” because the search for the perfect wave is a driving force that should not be underestimated.

Planning your surf travel

As with any good surf vacation, proper planning is key. No matter how you should decide, take enough time for planning and research.

For backpackers, book at least the first night in advance so that you don’t have to go looking for accommodation after the flight. When traveling by plane, it is also worth studying the different baggage regulations thoroughly. If necessary, register the surfboard as excess baggage. This saves you annoying discussions at check-in and often money. Especially with low-cost airlines, you should be very careful not to exceed the permitted weight or the specified dimensions.


Pack the right surfboard

Here, of course, the first step is to ask where the journey is going, whether you are the “one-board-fits-all” type or “the right-board-for-every-wave” type. If you are traveling by car, you may be lucky enough to be able to pack a little more space and therefore more surfboards and other surfing gear. But even here, it should be advised that sometimes less is more. You have to choose the right pads, fins, and leash so you won’t have to bring all your surfing equipment.

A quiver killer is probably the best choice when traveling by air. A board bag that is too heavy is an absolute turnoff, especially if you want to travel a bit on-site. Less weight also pays off on the rental car roof, because the additional payment due to dents and scratches quickly exceeds the value of a new surfboard. But it is particularly important to pack your leash, and fins and possibly also wax at home. The anticipation is usually too great. There is not enough time to have to visit the nearest surf shop before the first surf.


If you have to go to the airport or train station, you are advised to plan enough time. The stress factor is almost unbearable when you can only stare at the clock in rush hour traffic or simply because of tight time management. It’s better to spend some time in the duty-free or café than to start your travel stressed out.